the blue shutter
Gallery and Frame Shop
19 Lehner Street - Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
The Blue Shutter Gallery


Sandy Martin
David Winchester
Harris Miller
Robert DeMario
Sarah Garland Mutton
Jo Orise
Fleur Palau
Jean Colquhoun


Welcome to the Blue Shutter Gallery

Located in what was formerly Wolfeboro's bustling manufacturing center, the Blue Shutter Gallery offers a calm oasis for making decisions about art and its presentation in your home or business. Our selection of area artists' work includes traditional as well as innovative new mediums and approaches. Our range of custom framing choices would be hard to beat in the largest of cities. We literally have hundreds of frame samples to fit every style of decorating and artwork, and if none of the factory products seem quite right, we are happy to modify them to suit your ideas. Our clients have included individuals (some now in Washington), decorators, collectors, and businesses (local and national).

A little personal note on the personnel:

David and Suzette Winchester moved to Wolfeboro in 1975. Suzette worked at a local hardware store while David became the frame maker for Hodges Frame Shop in Melvin Village. They later bought the Hodges Frame Shop and moved to their present location in 1983, changing the name to suit the building. David has been familiar with darkrooms and photography since he was a teenager. His photography is featured in the gallery.

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